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SAP BASIS Training Course Introduction | Importance of SAP BASIS

SAP BASIS Training is an exclusive layer in SAP architecture. This BASIS component works as the bridge  amid the computing infrastructure, which are like operating system, the database, the network architecture and other SAP modules example FICO, MM, SD, PP, PS, QM etc. SAP Trainings Online incorporates the complete administration of different SAP products; for example like ECC, CRM, SRM, SCM, BI.PI, EP and Solman are some of the modules that are coordinated by SAP BASIS.
Online training module are arranged on interactive virtual platform and with flexi timing advantage for offering all its participants excellent advantage of using their spare time to pursue the training for better career exposure.
Prerequisites to learn SAP BASIS:
To Join SAP BASIS Training at Global Online Training participants are suggested to have
  • Basic knowledge of operating system administration
  • Network management- SAP Netweaver training
  • Database administration.
Overview of SAP BASIS Training
The full form of BASIS is Business Application Software Integrated Solution. Basis is a set of programs and tools that act as an interface with Database, Operating system, Communication protocols and business applications.
The term “Basis” is an reference to the underlying technical architecture of an SAP application. The term encompasses the server infrastructure, software and the server processes that run the SAP application. SAP consultants possess the skills required to administer and configure SAP specific settings in an IT landscape. They are part of a larger organization which may run a landscape consisting of several SAP and Non-SAP applications.
About training
The term “Basis” is an reference to the underlying technical architecture of an SAP application. The term encompasses of the server infrastructure, software & the server processes that run on the SAP application.
It can also be stated as: SAP Basis refers to administration of SAP system that includes the activities like installation & configuration, load balancing, & performance of SAP applications running on Java stack  as well as SAP ABAP.
It also includes the maintenance of different services related to the database, operating system, application & the web servers in SAP system landscape & start and stop of the system.
The SAP Basis supports the installation &configuration of SAP applications on different operating systems like Windows, Unix, AS/400, etc. & also different databases like SQL Server (learn database concepts from SQL server training), Oracle, IBM DB2 for the back end database.
SAP BASIS consists of following components
Client/Server Architecture and Configuration: This is a technical foundation for both SAP and Basis.
A relational database management system (RDBMS): Basis overlaps with various aspects of traditional database administration.
A graphical user interface (GUI): The GUI is the interface through which the Basis administrator can interacts with SAP systems.
A development environment: This is where the Basis development takes place.
A data dictionary: Data dictionaries are indispensable part of development process
User and System Administration monitoring tools: These allow the basis administrator to maintain the integrity and performance of SAP systems and address user requirements.
About SAP BASIS Administrator
SAP Basis administrators are the responsible for keeping all over SAP environments stable, secure and meeting the concerns of users. An SAP Basis administrator needs to check their system logs daily and differentiate between minor glitches and serious problems. 
The key responsibilities of SAP Basis Administrator include:
  • Load balancing on servers
  • System installation and Configuration
  • Managing interfaces and integration with servers
  • Managing servers and different services
  • Performance management of various components
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