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Online SAP Training | What is the Best SAP Module to Learn Based on Educational Background

The SAP training is becoming more and more competitive as companies across the globe with their business and IT systems utilizing SAP solutions offer multiple job opportunities. With the growth of the competitive job market the curve of SAP consultants is changing drastically. But the only question was which SAP module has to be chosen for career.
SAP Trainings Online is the one stop destination for all SAP courses training providing all SAP technical and SAP functional courses with industry standards. We have team of certified professionals who are dedicated to impart technology into life.
SAP is a business leader in enterprise software solutions aimed at data management and structured work in organizations.
Factors to choose right SAP module
Before applying for the SAP training course, take a moment and go through the factors that can help you choose the right SAP program for you. Have a look.
Choose According to your background
First step towards SAP certified professional would be dipping into one’s academic background and work experience. The existing SAP modules are domain specific, therefore; one need to choose the one that fits the required domain. One will have to ask questions such as “What’s your domain?” “How much experience are you having in your domain?” to aid one in choosing the desired SAP course easily.
The Career goal  This is frequently the most overlooked  although an essential factor in deciding the module of choice. Before selecting any SAP module one needs to recognize whether one's passion, aptitude, and career goals in completion of SAP course.
The educational background of professional plays a large role in the selection of the SAP module in a career. The educational background makes it easier for a professional to comprehend business processes and other related traits involved in the field which has been learned during the academic acquisition of knowledge. It is challenging for process comprehension and understanding amongst such disparate team members, even taking up an inordinate amount of time. Therefore the educational aspect is of paramount importance in the selection of a SAP module. Given below are some of the most popular SAP modules used by companies:
SAP Simple Finance or SAP S/4 HANA Finance
SAP Human Capital Management (HCM)
SAP Materials Management (MM)
SAP Production Planning (PP)
SAP Sales and Distribution (SD)
SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling (FICO)
SAP Quality Management (QM )
Basis is a set of programs and tools that act as an interface with Database, Operating system, Communication protocols and business applications (such as FI, CO, MM, etc). Full form of BASIS is "Business Application Software Integrated solution". See SAP BASIS training for more info.
SAP BASIS administrators not only make sure all SAP components & applications can communicate with each other, but do so with no end user or backend processing performance degradation. Issues continuously crop up in any technical layer of a SAP landscape and it’s up to SAP Basis support to keep the enterprise cloud, database and application healthy. Basis administrators install updates, monitor the system for errors and tweak SAP to be faster and more reliable.
SAP Simple Logistics
With the introduction of SAP Simple Logistics, has turned out from delivering products to delivering outcomes with simple finance the first suite built on SAP HANA, we are seeing how simple it is to run in a digital economy. With the release of simple logistics we can expect more innovations to bring to business. There is more demand for SAP Simple Logistics training.
SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling
This module deals with the management of financial transactions within organizations. This Financial Accounting module aids employees in the management of data involved in any enterprise and financial transactions in a unified system. This module is highly flexible and functions really well in almost any form of economic situation. This module’s functioning is geared towards handling all sorts of reporting needs. Controlling focuses on providing support in terms of planning, reporting and monitoring operations at the enterprise level.  This module involves methods to look at and organize costs needed for financial reporting. Learn more from SAP FICO training. 
Who can avail the course according to educational background,
If one has been studying Managerial Accounting, Chartered Accountancy (CA), Chartered Institute of Management Accounts (CIMA), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) then SAP CO comes greatly recommended.
SAP Sales and Distribution (SD)
The SD module greatly augments inventory control and management. This module also comprises of master data, system configuration and transactions. A few of the sub-elements of SAP SD module are sales support, shipping, master data, sales, billing, transportation, sales information system, credit management and so on. Learn from SAP SD training.
The scope for advancement from this module onwards can be quite considerable using SAP Hybris and SAP CRM modules (SAP Trainings Online provides SAP CRM training). A major course elective in Distribution techniques, Channel Management, Sales Management, Marketing means a SAP SD module is meant for you.
SAP Production Planning (PP)
The module collaborates with Sales, Master Data, Operations Planning, Product Cost Planning, Material Requirements Planning, Distribution Resource Planning, Kanban and so on and so forth while working towards production management in organizations. Learn in detail concepts from SAP PP training.
SAP Materials Management (MM)
This module deals with the management of materials needed, processed and generated in organizations. Several types of procurement processes are to be managed within this system. See what MM dealt with from SAP MM training. If a candidate has been studying Supply Chain Management with Procurement and Logistics, Inventory Management, and Storage techniques, then this module would be a great choice. After mastering this module one would have gained knowledge and experience in SAP MM.
SAP Quality Management (QM)
The quality management module aids enterprises in speeding up business by an adoption of a structured and functional manner of managing quality in various processes. This module collaborates between audit management, control, notification, inspection, planning, production and even procurement and sales.
For candidates who have taken up studies in Total Quality Management, Statistics, Chemical Engineering and Pharmacy studies, this SAP QM training is considered to be useful.
SAP Human Capital Management (HCM)
This module focuses on enhancing the work process and data management within HR department of organizations. This includes the processes involved from the time a person is hired to evaluate an individual’s performance to managing promotions, compensations, handling and management of payroll and other related activities.
For candidates who have been studying Human Resource, Personnel Management, Comparative Management, and Organizational Management will find this SAP HCM training to be useful to add to their existing skill set.
There are many other modules in SAP; each and every module is different and unique in its own way. They are;
SAP Netweaver
SAP PM (Plant Maintenance)
SAP BO (Business Objects)
SAP BI (Business intelligence) and many
SAP is used by each and every sector now a day’s giving the scope for job opportunities. Some of the areas where SAP software used are
  • Banks
  • Retail
  • Industry
  • Telecommunications
  • Consumer Goods
  • Automotive Industry
  • Media
  • Transport and Logistics
SAP Consultants
An astronomically high demand, a diverse set of job offers and incredible salaries – all point toward how sought-after SAP professionals are in the current market. Increasing amount of companies to utilize SAP software. Or the simple of the fact that most enterprises have lapped up the concept of SAP software through extensive purchasing of said software has contributed to the widespread success of SAP. SAP-skills are highly useful in almost all existing positions today: Marketing, Controlling, Human Resources and a whole lot more. It is important to remember that every business process can be or is already represented in a SAP System.
SAP has been providing immense opportunities for those who have well-defined career goals. But before applying to any SAP module, it is advisable to take some time and weigh the reasons why one would want to go for a particular module. Online courses for SAP that are offered by SAP Trainings Online are of great help to get you where you want to go in your career. They are bound to impart the necessary amount of detailed knowledge and practically based hands-on usage of SAP modules at the time of the candidate’s choosing.


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