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What is SAP BASIS | SAP BASIS Training and Roles and Responsibilities of SAP BASIS Consultants

A relational database management system (RDBMS): Basis overlaps with many aspects of traditional database administration. A graphical user interface (GUI): The GUI is the interface through which the Basis administrator interacts with SAP systems. A development environment: This is where Basis development takes place. Learn SAP BASIS Training by experts from SAP Trainings Online.
SAP Basis emphasizes effective administration of Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), SAP GUI, and client-server architecture. It deals with installing, configuring, updating, patching, migrating, and troubleshooting any kind of problems that your SAP system may face. This means it is about managing the daily operations for a SAP system or its landscape. User administration, system administration, and monitoring tools are also key features of Basis in the SAP system.
Considering the significance and growing application of SAP BASIS in organizations today, choosing it as a career is a lucrative option. People with knowledge and experience in Information Technology certainly has an edge over others, but a person with background in Electronics, Telecommunication, Computer Science, Finance, etc. can also pursue or switch to a career in the Basis component of SAP. However, they would need SAP training in the course before they bag an attractive job as Basis administrator.
If you aspire to pursue a lucrative career in the field of SAP as a Basis Administrator, here’s what expected from you.
SAP and OS Administration Operations
The role of a SAP System Administrator is to manage critical SAP and OS operations as mentioned herewith:
  • SAP Security operations
  • Print management
  • Starting or stopping SAP instance
  • OS space and disk management
  • SAP system backup
  • SAP system monitoring for superior performance and health
  • Upgrading SAP kernels
  • User administration and authorization
  • Creating, controlling and managing batch jobs
  • OS level backup and recovery
  • Request and transport management system
  • OS level patch monitoring, security and management
  • SAP OSS notes implementation
  • Applying add-ons and support packages
  • System landscape configuration and operation
Database administration roles and responsibilities
SAP Basis administrator should also perform certain database administration functions. 
SAP BASIS Remote Administration Operations
A SAP System Administrator is also responsible for a wide range of remote administration functions that encompass daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks.
  • Daily Operations
  • To ensure that SAP system is up and running
  • Check DB/OS/SAP system logs
  • Evaluate backup operation results
  • Check database operations
  • Check background job status and work process status
  • Check Dump status
  • Verify user operations, lock table and failed updates
  • Identify SAP performance and usage issues
  • Check CPU and memory usage, and response time
  • Archive directory status validation
  • Check free space in database
  • Weekly Operations
  • Clean up transport buffers and spool
  • Check spool requests
  • Run check for TemSe consistency
  • Analyzing Early Watch report
  • Review and validate security audit log
  • Monitoring tablespace growth, free space and DB growth
  • Evaluate database consistency
  • Monthly Operations
  • Cleaning old logs
  • Defragmenting storage memory
  • Checking and evaluating directory structure
  • Monitoring growth of the database
  • Yearly Tasks
  • Archiving backups at the end of the year
  • User security controls
  • Checking locked transactions
  • Archiving old transport files
  • Checking standard scheduled jobs
  • Evaluating SAP profile parameters
  • Checking locked transactions
  • Performing backup and restore tests
  • Maintaining database parameter files
  • Checking user IDs and DDIC
  • Evaluating licensing issues for DB/OS/HW/SAP
  • Checking and managing clients in test, QA, and development systems
  • Check profile parameters in SAP
  • Technical upgrades
  • Checking workbench organizer settings
  • Server migration
  • Updating kernel and applying database patches 
The role of a SAP Basis administrator is a complex one, and requires proficient skill sets and knowledge in SAP system. However, the career path and salary is lucrative.

SAP Trainings online customize SAP functional and SAP technical training courses keeping in the view of industry requirements and learning involves step by step process and understanding of all aspects of software fundamentals and covers many topics such as Implementation steps, database development, Technical support, advanced technologies and ERP applications to business problems.
SAP Trainings Online is the biggest SAP training resource providing BASIS training with good infrastructure with practical training. It is very important for BASIS consultant to have hands on experience on live servers. It is right to have training because every scenario could not be created just by installing SAP.
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