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Online SAP BASIS Training | SAP BASIS Patch Management

Basis is a set of programs and tools that act as an interface with Database, Operating system, Communication protocols and business applications (such as FI, CO, MM, etc). Full form of BASIS is "Business Application Software Integrated solution". Learn SAP BASIS training from SAP certified professionals by SAP Trainings Online.
In SAP system, a patch is used to fix a bug. There are different types of patches that can be used in SAP system. All patches start with SAPK followed by patch type.
The following are the four different types of patches:
SMP provides correction in form of patches. It may contain corrections similar to SAP notes, ABAP programming (Learn ABAP programming from SAP ABAP training by experts from SAP Trainings Online).  It helps to avoid Runtime error and dumps. You can check logs at SPAM. Sometime leaving the TR unreleased caused the issue or some manual correction is required.
In that case we cannot apply sap notes (even if we find them at OSS) as we are stuck in SPAM error phase.  Also in backend user\sap\trans\log and temp file contains the logs for error.
A patch follows this structure — SAPKA <Rel><No>
Patches are also called support packs and they should be applied in the following sequence:
Support packages and add-ons
As the name suggests, support packages are used to fix the bug and to improve the quality of SAP system. Support package implementation and administration is done with Transaction Spam (Support Package Manager). Each support package is valid for one release and Support Package Manager ensures that all support packages are applied in a specified order.
Support packs are applied in the above mentioned order — Basis > ABAP > HR > Applications. It is not necessary that Basis and ABAP patch levels should be same but SAP recommends that they should be at the same level. Generally, Basis and ABAP should be applied together however to apply one first, it should be Basis.
All support packs are applied with client 000. Support packages should be imported at regular intervals to avoid errors and to keep system landscape up to date.
There are different types of support packages available:
SPAM Update − A SPAM Update contains updates and improvements to Support Package Manager (SPAM) and Add-On Installation Tool.
Component Support Package − This contains improvement for one software component such as SAP Basis, SAP HR or SAP APPLICATIONS and to update repository and dictionary objects.
The following table shows some naming conventions for Support Packages:
Conflict Resolution Transport − This is used to adjust the support packages on add on. A CRT for one release also contains adjustment for earlier releases of this add-on.
Requirements to implement support package
A support package is always implemented on client 000 and user should have an authorization equivalent to DDIC or SAP.
To implement a support package, use transaction code — SPAM. You can check if any previous package is in progress or is incomplete. If there is an incomplete support package, you can’t proceed with the implementation of a new one.
About SAP BASIS Online Training
SAP Trainings Online is a deceptively simple e-learning and SAP training authoring solution. Create super-effective training content and deliver courses via Virtual and implant in existing systems. It is very important for BASIS consultant to have hands on experience on live servers. It is right to have training because every scenario could not be created just by installing SAP. We provide training in many countries India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
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