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SAP BASIS Online Training | SAP BASIS – SAP Client Administration

Let us first understand what a client is before we move on to SAP client administration. A client is used in SAP system for multiple login on single instance. You can create multiple clients on a single instance. It also provides data security wherein, one user with one client can’t see the data of the other user with another client. In addition, there is no need to install the software for each and every user. SAP BASIS training by experts from SAP trainings Online makes you too become successful SAP consultant.
Client is defined as a self contained business entities or independent accountable business units in commercial, organizational and technical terms. One client is normally referring to one user of SAP system. Once customer maps to only one client at a time. One user with one client cannot able to see the data of another customer on the other client which provides isolated and security.
There is no need to install separate software’s for each user/customer.
Advantages of client concept:
  • Client concept comes in with the following advantages:
  • You can share the same resources between multiple users.
  • You can manage SAP system landscape as you can create multiple clients for DEV, QA and PROD team.
  • You can share your SAP system with a large number of users.
  • You can create clients in SAP system from 000-999.
SAP system comes with the following three standard clients:
000 Client − This is called master client and is available when you install R/3 system.
001 Client − This client is a copy of 000 client including the test company. This client is used to create new clients normally.
066 Client − This is called SAP Early watch and is used for diagnostic scans and monitoring service in SAP system.
Client contains
Application data: Data that are stored in the database tables.
Customizing data: Data created by customers when customizing their systems.
User master record: Defines the authorizations assigned to a user.
Data classification
Data in the database are classified as two types:
Client independent data/cross client data
Client dependent data
Based on these two types, clients have differentiation about the data accessing and displaying.
Client independent data/cross client data:
  • Data created on any client within the system
  • Data can be accessible from any client
  • Data is not specific to any client and it is belonging to all the clients
Ex: screen data, transaction data, repository data and dictionary data.
Client dependent data/Client specific data
Data created on the specific client and can be accessible through same client.
Ex: user data, authorization data, application data
Default Clients
SAP system comes up with three standard default clients.
000-Master client
001-copy of the master client
066-early watch client
000-Master Client
000 clients are available immediately after installing R/3 systems.
Client is called as master client
This client has client independent settings
This client contains test company’s simple organizational structure and includes all applications parameters, settings, configurations and transactions etc.
This client is normally used in business environment
001-copy of master client
Client 001 is called as copy of master client including the test company
Client 001 used to create new clients normally
Client 001 settings are client independent if they are customized or configured.
Client 001 can be customized to move it to the PROD environment
In general, users mostly use 001 client to create a new client
If the client 001 is customized, it won’t behave like master client.
066-early watch client
Client 066 is called as early watch client
Client 066 used to perform early watch service for customer systems
Early watch service is diagnosis and monitoring service for solution monitoring of SAP and non SAP systems.
Early watch service triggers alerts and the alert may contain performance issue, database administration related issues etc,
Client Management Transactions
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