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SAP BASIS Training | Overview of Transport Management System

Transport Management System is one of the key components in SAP system. TMS is used to control new requests, monitor changes like who has implemented the changes, defining and configuring system landscape in SAP environment. See SAP BASIS training for more details.
  • TMS is used to move, control,   copy development objects like programs, screens etc. And customized settings in an order across the system through predefined transport routes (RFC connections).
  • TMS defines configure and manage the system landscape in SAP environment
  • The transport process is exporting objects from source SAP system and importing objects into the target system.
  • SAP transport management system (TMS) is a tool to manage termed transports on one or more connected SAP systems.
  • User can organize, perform and monitor transports between SAP systems using the transport management systems.
TMS Functions:
  • Configuring transport routs using graphical editor
  • Displaying import queues for SAP system in transport domain
  • Importing all requests in an import queue
  • Importing all requests in project
  • Importing specific requests
  • TMS quality assurance
  • Transport workflow
  • Transports between SAP systems without common transport directory.
  • CTS helps to organize development projects in ABAP workbench
  • CTS stands for change and transport system
  • CTS tool helps to organize development projects in ABAP workbench (Want to learn ABAP by experts join SAP ABAP training by SAP Trainings Online), retain, documentation and distribution of changes between the SAP systems in system landscape
  • CTS is a tool for configuring system landscape
  • Managing and controlling new development requests
  • Managing transports and recording the source of changes
CTS Components
Change and transport organizer (CTO): it is a tool for managing, browsing and registering the changes on the repository and customizing objects. SE01 is the transaction with the new extended view.
Transport management system (TMS): used to setup transport routes in the SAP system landscape.
Transport Tools (R3trans and TP): used by SAP at operating system level to communicate with SAP and database.
TMS consists of 3 different Change and Transport System (CTS) components:
Change and transport organizer: This is used to manage, configure the changes in SAP repository and other objects. This provides you a central environment for development and configuration projects.
Transport management system (TMS): This is used to manage, control and copy development objects and for customization of settings across SAP systems in landscape using pre-defined transport routes configured with RFC Connections. This includes exporting the objects from one SAP system and importing to another target system.
Transport Tools: Tools are a part of SAP Kernel and are used to manage R3 trans and transport control program.
R3trans is known as SAP system transport which is used to transport the objects between different SAP systems. It is usually called for other transport control program, in particular from tp or by using SAP upgrade utilities.
Transport control program is used to support data and object transport between different systems running on different platforms and also on different database.
Transport domain controller
This is used to manage all TMS configuration details. Any changes to configuration settings are distributed across all systems. To set up the Domain controller, use transaction code — STMS
In case, the SAP system doesn’t have a Domain Controller, you will be prompted to create a new one. Transport domain includes the following activities
User creation TMSADM
RFC connection and request creation, TMSADM is used login to target system
DOMAIN.CFG file is created under user/sap/trans/bin directory which stores TMS configuration and is used by systems and domains for checking existing configurations.
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